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Long ago (in 2014) the Pillow Fort started as a fantastical little seed of an idea. What if I could share my childhood safe space, a pillow fort I made with old blankets and the chairs from our kitchen table, with others? Didn’t I still have one of those blankets? Would people be weirded out by that? 

Fast forward 2 years. Grad school begins and I am overwhelmed. The workload is heavy and the world seems to be falling deeper into chaos. I’m missing my pillow fort now more than ever! But what a silly thought for a grown up to have. 

Now it is 2020. I’ve been practicing family therapy for two years seeing first hand the importance of safe spaces for people of all ages and even more obvious, how impactful therapy can be. But people are confused by and afraid of therapy. Even after working with me, they feel that the therapy cliches they’ve seen on tv would never work for them. And they’re right! Who would want to bare their soul in a basic office to a lifeless academic they don’t know and knows nothing about them?  

So we start with the therapy part. Four kitchen chairs and a microphone later the Pillow Fort Sessions Podcast is born. Therapist are willing to sit in my pillow fort with me and we talk about who they are are why they do what they do. People love the peak behind the curtain and, surprisingly, love the nostalgia of the pillow fort. But then there is a global pandemic and just as the pillow fort starts to get interesting, it closes up shop. Back to the fanciful seed. 

It is now 2023 and after almost 2 years of private practice it seems safe to go out, safe to call myself a real therapist and maybe even safe to check in on that little seed again….

Welcome to Pillow Fort Sessions Therapy - my little dream all grown up (almost). I hope that when you walk into my “office” you are taken back to a time when you felt safe enough to just be. I am so excited to share my passion for making therapy as accessible and welcoming as it should be. 

Pillow Fort, Friend of the Fort
Pillow Fort, Friend of the Fort
Pillow Fort, Friend of the Fort
Pillow Fort, Friend of the Fort
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