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Nicole Fortune, LCSW, MSW, MPH

I am a licensed clinical social worker in Raleigh, NC. After earning a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Public Health from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, I began working as a family therapist for a local non-profit. It was this job that further inspired my passion for demystifying and destigmatizing mental health. 

My "ideal" client is someone who is curious about who they are. I want to work with those who are feeling a little off, trauma survivors and everyone in between. Its such a privilege to watch people heal and discover their authentic selves

As far as technique, I love EMDR! But I also like to use CBT, solution focused therapy and mindfulness, and internal family systems. My public health degree informs my holistic lense- assessing your life from head to toe. My approach is eclectic, but at the core of my practice, I rely on real human connection to tackle real life.

Wondering if you’re just having a rough week or if it’s something more? Come get cozy under the lights of the pillow fort and we will figure it out together. Whether its for a quick pick-me-up or the long haul this is your new safe space to get curious about you!

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